We are proud to offer to our patients the most affordable hearing health care, ever!


We believe that the treatment of hearing loss, a progressive degenerative disorder, should never be limited by finances. Our program provides affordable, high-level, hearing health care to all.


The benefits of treating your hearing loss with our exclusive TreatmentFi process is exceptional and unlike any other treatment plans available to patients! Each of our patients that begins treatment of their hearing loss in can expect the following benefits:

  • A Pair of Adaptive NeuroTechnology™ designed to address the cognitive aspects of hearing loss
  • Lifetime Hearing Loss Coverage with Affordable Fixed Monthly Treatment Plan Costs
  • Lifetime Warranty (including a 1- time loss)
  • Automatic Technology Upgrades every 48 months (or less)
  • Access to discounted Technology Accessories including rechargeable batteries, smartphone and TV Adaptor
  • All office visits included
  • Hearing Technology Supplies Included: batteries, cleaning accessories.

treatment fiThe standard cost of our treatment program is $175 per month. However, customizable treatment plans are available depending on hearing and cognitive needs, insurance benefits, and financial situation. Your treatment team will help develop a plan that is right for you!



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